Food Additives To Avoid

trans fatWhen you go to a food store and pick up that new pack of beverage/snack available, do you ever bother reading its label?

Have you ever read the amount of chemical additives added to it?

Today the amount of chemical additives that are added in our food is far high than the normal permissible limits.

Our kids are the ones who are suffering the most from it as their body is still not developed enough to handle these toxins.

Following are few of the chemical food additives, that I have mentioned which are harmful.

Go through them and then check out which all are you consuming on a daily basis:

  • Acesulfame K: It’s a sugar substitute commercially known as sweet one. Tests have shown that it causes cancer. This food additive is used in chewing gum, gelatin desserts, puddings, non dairy creamers, instant coffee and tea.
  • Artificial colorings: The most commonly used artificial colors are synthetic dyes. For years it’s been banned as it has been proven to be carcinogenic. Try and use foods without artificial coloring.
  • Aspartame: It’s a sugar substitute more commonly known as equal and nutra sweet. It contains phenylalanine which causes phenylketonuria. This can cause mental retardation.Research has also proved that constant use of aspartame can cause headaches, dizziness, and behavioral changes, can alter brain functions and causes menstrual problems in women. Avoid this food additive in your teas and coffees and if you are actually looking for weight loss try your tea and coffee with a natural dash of lemon instead.
  • BHA & BHT: The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization, considers BHA to be possibly carcinogenic to humans, and the State of California has listed it as a carcinogen.Some studies show the same cancer causing possibilities for BHT. These are added to oil containing foods to prevent oxidation and to retard rancidity.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine promotes stomach acid secretion increasing the chances of peptic ulcer. Caffeinism can be a cause of excessive caffeine intake leading to nervousness and insomnia. Generally kids consuming more than 2 to 7 cans of soda can suffer from this.It can interfere with reproduction and fetus development, so avoid it totally if you are, or are planning to get pregnant. This food additive is found naturally in tea and coffee but also added in sodas. Little amount does not pose a problem, but it is slightly addictive so minimize your intake.
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): MSG can lead to headaches, tightness in chest, burning sensation in forearm and neck. Many people are sensitive to MSG. It is a substance in certain seasonings that are added to protein rich foods to enhance flavor.
  • Nitrite and Nitrate: It’s a very commonly used chemical to preserve meat. Nitrate gets converted to nitrite which is found responsible in causing stomach cancers.Nitrite chemically reacts at the high temperatures of frying to form nitrosamines which are very harmful. Meat can be preserved without these chemicals at the refrigerator, so opt for meat that is preserved without these chemicals.
  • Olestra: It is an artificial fat discovered by Proctor & Gamble which is claimed to be good for dieters. It attaches to valuable nutrients like carotenoids and flushes them out of the body. These nutrients protects them from various problems like heart diseases, cancer etc.Hence excessive consumption of this fat can cause deaths due to heart disease and cancer. It also causes diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problem even when consumed in small doses.
  • Potassium Bromate: This food additive has been found to cause cancer in animals. It is used to increase the volume of bread and to form the crumb of bread.
  • Sulfites: This food additive is found to be most hazardous to asthmatic patients. It triggers attacks in these patients and is also found to be responsible for deaths in these patients.Sometimes it is also found to provoke severe allergic reactions. It is used in cut fruits and vegetables to keep it looking fresh. It is also added in wines and dry fruits to prevent discoloration.
  • Trans Fat: Trans fat is a very commonly used food additive. It is known to promote cardiovascular diseases and premature heart attack. It is labeled as partially hydrogenated oil or vegetable oil in the food labels.
  • Benzoic Acid: This can temporarily inhibit the function of digestive enzymes. It is used as a preservative in cereals, meat, drinks, low sugar products etc.

These are just the commonly used food additives and the list is many. So, be extra cautious while purchasing food so that you can live longer and healthier.