Few Healthy Midnight Snacks Without Adding Extra Body Pounds

Most of the diet experts suggest not eating anything after dinner, particularly before bed time. But at times, it seems to be very difficult for few of you to maintain.

When you are hungry before bed time, even after having dinner, you can’t sleep well.

Here is a solution for your problem. You can go for healthy snacks that don’t add extra pounds to your overall body weight.

Here are few foods that can help you in your hunger at mid-night.

Breakfast cereals: Breakfast cereals are low in fat and they can be made quickly, so that you don’t need to spend much time in your kitchen at night. You can go for Raisin barn or other cereal based barn that can fill your stomach with less than 200 calories.

Yogurt: It includes only 100 calories and high in nutrition. You can eat plain yogurt or low calorie yogurt with fresh fruits. You can also add berries or granola to yogurt for filling.

Fruits: 1 cup of fruit salad without any cream or other fat based fillings really works great for your mid night snack. It will not only satisfy your hunger, but also gives enough energy in the morning. You can include all fresh fruits for your mid night snack including oranges, bananas and also grape fruit.