Fatter People More Sensitive To Smells, Says Study

According to new research, heavier the people are, more sensitive they may be to smell. The study suggests that fatter people may have a more acute sense of smell, and that is the reason they eat more – because they find food to be more appetizing, more tempting.

fatter peopleAccording to Dr Lorenzo Stafford, of the University of Portsmouth’s Department of Psychology, a heightened sense of smell probably played a part in increasing food intake of those who are prone to weight gain.

This extra acute sense of smell may be increasing food intake by making it more appetizing for people. Researchers found that those who had a higher BMI had a greater ability to smell foods when compared with those who had a lower BMI.

Researchers are hopeful that this research will be able to help those who struggle with their weight by helping to treat the overweight.

What this study also revealed is that people had a heightened sensitivity to food, after rather than before, eating; in other words, people smell better when they are full rather than the other way around. This could be a way for the body to detect and reject foods that the body doesn’t need any more to maintain balance and energy.