Facts About a Healthy Diet for Kids

In our days having a healthy diet is more important than ever before. In case you are thinking aboutfacts about a healthy diet for kids you should know that children are constantly growing and to upkeep this growth there is need for ‘fuel’ that comes with a lot of minerals and vitamins.


Eating right

The amount of food that a child should have depends on his or her age, size and activity level not to mention their gender. On the other hand, the kind of foods that the child should have doesn’t depend on any factors. All children should have the same kinds of foods.

Food groups

The child should have some of all the six food groups: vegetables (especially the dark leafy ones), fruits,whole grains, dairy products, meats and healthy fats. There must be a balance between the different food groups.


When it comes to the facts about a healthy diet for kids, you should remember that the body is 60% water so to make sure that it works as it should, it is a must to have enough water. This is crucial for the development of the immune system, the bones, skin, blood and organs.

You should make sure that the little one has water with every meal, when he or she is thirsty, when it’s hot outside or when he or she is playing. It is best to switch from soda to water.


Usually people think of cookies and candy bars regarding snacks but when it comes to the facts abouta healthy diet for kids you should know that there are other alternatives as well. Snacks are important to maintain the energy levels of the body, but this needs to be done in a smart way.

The parents thinking about the children’s healthy diet facts should make sure that they offer to their children apples with peanut butter, a cup of yogurt, trail mix or a cheese stick. That doesn’t mean that the child can’t have some ice cream or chocolate, but these should be consumed with moderation.

The key in case of the facts about a healthy diet for kids is variety and moderation for your child to be healthy and happy.