Encourage Your Over Weight Child To Follow A Healthy Lifestyle!

Weight Loss for KidsObesity or being overweight is a growing epidemic among kids.

This will lead to increase in diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and other serious health problems.

Obesity can also adversely affect on their self esteem.

Weight loss for children has no magic bullet. The process of losing weight in children is also as same as adults.

It is not safe to gain more weight in small age. Encourage your over weight child to change his/her lifestyle if they are overweight or obese.

You have to make them more active and also make it easy for them to eat healthy.

The basic approach for over weight child:

  • Be positive about making changes in their lifestyle.
  • Encourage them to lose weight rather than dogmatic.
  • Make changes on a ‘healthy eating’ pretext for all members of your family rather than a special diet for overweight child.
  • Make them to know that losing weight is something they can do to improve their life.
  • Talk about the benefits they can get from changing their eating habits.
  • Discuss about the changes that they could make in their lifestyle. You have to make them to agree. Don’t impose anything on them.

Some practical suggestions to parents regarding over weight child:

  • To attain weight loss in over weight child , provide a good range of healthy snacks for your child with a variety of whole wheat cereals, fresh fruit, different breads, fat free yogurt etc.
  • If your child really loves junk food, cook your own junk food at home rather than allowing them to eat outside. Prepare junk food with less fat foods to obtain weight loss in your over weight child. For example use lean steak to make burgers, serve on a whole wheat bun with lots of salad. Make your own oven chips by cutting potatoes into thick chips by spraying it with light cooking spray and cook in a hot oven.
  • If your child prefers to eat at school then find out what choices are available and talk to them about the best choices to make.
  • If your child loves to eat fast foods then make his favorite fast foods at home with fewer fats and more proteins. For example buy a pizza base and put your own low fat toppings.
  • Mix fat free milk with whole milk and keep it in the jug and let your child to drink milk whenever he feels to have milk.
  • To obtain weight loss in over weight child, you have to make popcorn at home using half amount of normal oil.
  • Make a healthy fizzy drink by mixing one-third fruit juice with two-thirds fizzy water to attain weight loss.
  • If your child likes to eat ice then get a set of ice-pop moulds, fill them with any fruit juice for a delicious cool ice.
  • To attain healthy weight, encourage your child to use blender to make their own shakes by using any soft fruits with fat free milk and top with low-fat ice cream.
  • Don’t compare your child in a critical way with anyone else.
  • Constantly make conversation about weight/dieting.
  • Ideally, introduce good eating habits to obtain healthy weight.

Follow the above practical suggestions to attain healthy weight in over weight child.