Eating Often Throughout The Day: Does This Really Work?

oatmealI had heard that eating small portions throughout the day helps you to lose weight for two reasons. [portion control]

One, because it keeps your metabolism going throughout the day and two, you are less likely to binge. I thought it very odd that eating frequently would help me to lose weight. And then I tried it.

I began by eating a small bowl of oatmeal every morning within an hour of when I woke up. I chose Quaker Oats: weight control in cinnamon however you could eat whatever kind of oatmeal you wanted.

About an hour and a half later I would eat a banana with peanut butter mixed on it, then another hour and a half later I would eat a cup of yogurt with fiber mixed into it.

For lunch I would usually only need about a half of a sandwich. My favorite sandwich is tuna on wheat with walnuts mixed in. Very good and very healthy.

Then in the afternoon I would have a Fiber 1 bar or other kind of granola bar. Or maybe some cottage cheese with pineapple rings in it.

I was rarely ever hungry for dinner because I had been eating all day long. I seriously lost about 4-5 pounds in just a few weeks. And I am 5’0” so 4-5 pounds is a lot for my frame.