Dealing With Emotional Attachments To Food

healthy eatingMost people, who are over weight, have a strong emotional attachment to food.

Often this is why so many struggle to lose those extra pounds as often there is a certain food that is an emotional crutch that we can not let go of. [emotional eating]

Bad habits are also a big factor, like sitting in front of a movie with large soda and a massive box of popcorn.

It is only by changing our ways that change can happen, like switching from tea or coffee, to drinking plenty of water.

Comfort eating often starts in childhood and can potentially last a lifetime. At its worse it can lead to very serious eating disorders but in most cases it means obesity and leads to a lack of confidence which then spirals into compulsive overeating. A cycle of overeating that continues indefinitely.

Next time you have a bad day and are tempted to open a large tub of chocolate ice cream to ease the pain, stop and think. Try to reason with yourself and ask questions.

Will this really make you feel better? What about all the guilt later when you have overindulged. It might be worth writing down your feelings, letting them out onto a page.

Often it is the rush of sugar that gives up the high we need to make things seem better. It never lasts and is only repeated with another candy bar for yet another sugar rush.

If you can make a conscious choice to do something else it is worth a try, maybe go for a walk after a frustrating day at home with the children. For work stress, take up a hobby that is a million mile from what you do nine to five.