Cut Back On Extra Sugar May Benefit Heart

sugar intakeAmerican Heart Association says that cut back on extra sugar could help in preventing cardiovascular health risks. Most of the added sugar comes from candies and sodas.

Recent studies of heart group suggests that when compared to men, women should get not more than 100 calories or 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. For men the recommended limit is 9 teaspoons.

The biggest culprits for the glut of sugar could be soft drinks, cakes, cookies, chocolates and pies. Calculating one’s sugar intake could be tricky, so, in order to check for added sugar look for variety of ingredients including sugar, fructose, molasses, corn syrup on the food labels.

Cutting back on sugar won’t be easy for many people and its going to be a struggle for few of you. But, it is very important for maintaining healthy heart.

Source: Associated Press