Credit Crunch Increases Tendency Towards Bad Eating Habits

bad eating habitsIn America today a third of the population are obese, double that of 40 years ago.

All these people have a far greater risk from heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Unfortunately, the current worldwide recession is likely to make these figures rise even more.

Around 30 % of citizens are cutting back on fast food and a similar amount now takes a packed lunch to work. More water is being drunk, than soda and a lot more consumers are switching to a store’s own brands. However, these changes might save dollars but calorie intake is likely to increase.

Various studies show that the cost of low calorie foods have significantly increased whilst food with high calorific values have gone down in price.

Potatoes are cheap whereas spinach cost more. Granulated sugar is cheaper by the bag than the comparable sugar content of a box of fresh raspberries.

According to the commerce department, the latest figures see a 56 billion dollar fall in food spending, which is more likely to be individuals eating more cheaply rather than eating less.

Even if a third of Americans are using up leftovers, if they are high in calorie the problem or overweight children is never going to be tackled.

Since 1970, the number of teenagers that suffer from obesity has soared by nearly 18%.and it is much the same in younger boys and girls as well. The switch to more fattening, cheaper food is not going to help in making the nation healthier.