Common Snacking Myths

You have to avoid snacking in between meals when you are trying for weight loss.

But, does it mean that snacking is a bad idea? Every individual has their own strategies and belief when it comes to snacking.

Here are few common myths and misconceptions regarding snacking.

Snacks with reduced fat is healthy

It is not necessary that low fat snacks are healthy. More often foods that have reduced fat contain high sugar and salt content, which is not healthy.

No fat is good

Fat is very important source for body to function its regular activities normally. So, certain amount of fat is absolutely essential for your body to function normally.

However, it will be beneficial for you to limit intake of saturated fat in your diet, when you are trying for weight loss.

Snacking hinders good nutrition

This is not completely true because it totally depends up on what kind of food you include in your snacks. If you are having bag full of snickers or butter cookies for your snacks, obviously it makes the difference.

Rather, if you go for healthy fruits, fresh vegetables, grains, sprouts, you are definitely getting good nutrition.

So, don’t believe in all these myths, just keep one thing in mind, eat healthy food and don’t skip your meals or snacks to lose weight.