Cinnamon, Pepper And Fiber Oh My!

healthy eatingWhen I was in college I learned the many benefits of many different types of foods for many different reasons. For example, cinnamon, the spice.

Cinnamon can actually increase your metabolism and there are very few foods that cinnamon does not benefit.

I have been adding cinnamon to my pancakes, my coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea and any deserts I make at home.

I also learned the benefits of pepper, the spice. Pepper is a stimulant that can also increase your metabolism. Pepper can be used in many more foods and recipes than cinnamon can and usually adds a lot of flavor to foods!

I also learned the joys of fiber as a snack. Fiber is a digestive stimulant and will help keep you regular. Even if you do not have issues maintaining regularity fiber as a snack will clean you out and keeps your system clean and detoxified. [high fiber foods]

One way to make fiber taste better and more enjoyable is to mix it with yogurt. Actually, every morning I mix a cup of yogurt with a ½ cup of fiber. That is my breakfast and it is usually 50% of my daily fiber intake.

A convenient option for fiber is to purchase it in the form of a cereal. Fiber One sells four different kinds of fiber cereals. One of the Fiber One cereals is 57% of your daily fiber intake. This is an awesome snack idea!