Are You A Binge Eater? The Solution May Not Be Difficult

According to researchers, it may not be very difficult to obtain help for those who are troubled by binge eating. The solution to the problem of binge eating could be as simple as reading a self help book and reporting to a health educator, it has been seen.

Hitherto considered difficult to treat, binge eating is the most common eating disorder in the United States. The problem with binge eating is it is often not treated as an eating disorder and therefore is not regarded as something to seek help of a mental health professional for.

binge eatingBinge eaters often seek help from others to help them lose weight, rather than tackle the source of their problem, which is psychological.

At the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research a self guided program examined the progress of 123 binge eaters.

The group of subject who were assigned the self guided program were asked to read a book called Overcoming Binge Eating and were counseled by health educators over 8 sessions.

The subjects also examined triggers for their bingeing behavior and kept food journals. This program was seen to be far more effective for this group when compared with the control group who were given the usual treatment.

Source: CNN