Are Nutrient-Spiked Junk Foods Really Better?

nutritious juicesAccording to recent reports of The Associated press, nutritionists say that junk foods, spiked with nutrients to give them a healthy glow are being tricked into buying more of them.

It was reported that from heart friendly margarine to sweet cereals that strengthens bones, junk foods are brilliantly pointed with nutrients to give them a healthy glow and consumers are biting it.

Even in weak economy days, people will pay more for products that seems healthier and prevent serious health problems.

Such products include juices that supply kids with needed calcium, but also candy disguised as granola bars with a tiny amount of nutrients being snuck in.

Critics say these products, referred to in the industry as “nutraceuticals” or “functional foods,” could lead people to consume too much of certain nutrients, as well as too many calories and fats.

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