Top 7 Ways to Add Fiber to your Diet

Fiber is one of the most important components of a healthy and balanced diet. But most of us do not get enough fiber to maintain the healthy diet.  This can be due to the fact that many of us are not aware of the right ways to add fiber to our diet.  Worry not! The following are the top 7 ways to add fiber:

add fiber to your diet

1. Have a Fiber Packed Breakfast

The first step to add fiber to your diet is to start with breakfast.  To do so, you can try eating a cereal which has 5 grams or more of fiber content in it.  Apart from this, you can also switch to whole wheat bread for breakfast. Some other breakfast items that are loaded with fiber content are fruits, oats and muffins.

2. Leaving the Skin on

Another superb way to add fiber to your diet is by leaving the skin of fruits and vegetables on.  While it is not possible to leave the skin of all fruits and veggies on, you can try with potatoes, apples, cucumbers and berries etc.

3. Add Split Pea Soup to your Diet

Split peas can prove to be a fiber rich type of peas and having a split peas soup can definitely cover up for a lot of fiber content for 1 day.  You can either have this soup during lunch or during dinner.

4. Some other Food Items

Which you must add to your diet on an everyday basis to maintain the fiber content are salads, cooked vegetables, baked products like breads, muffins, cakes, cookies, casseroles and meatloaf’s and ground flax seeds.

5. Add more Whole Grains

Another superb way to raise the fiber content in your diet is to add whole grains.  A diet rich on whole grains not only changes your glucose response but also quickens the process of fat burning, thereby leading to healthy weight loss.  To add more whole grains, you can replace white bread with whole wheat bread, include whole wheat pasta in your diet and have brown rice rather than having white rice.

6. Eat more Beans

Beans too are very high on fiber and are also rich sources of protein.  You can add beans to your salads, soups and other foods like Mexican foods, hummus and chili.

7. Eat more Nuts

Nuts are a fun way to add fiber to your diet and nuts like peanuts and almonds can be eaten as snacks between meals.

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