6 Filling Foods That Help To Stop Hunger Pangs Between Meals

Are you suffering with food cravings in weight loss? If you have a habit of eating more, then losing weight can be quite challenging task for you.

However, there are few healthy filling foods that can help you to deal with food cravings in weight loss. Some of those filling foods that help you stop hunger include:

  • Shrimp: There are many benefits of shrimp when it comes to stop hunger and promote effective weight loss. Not only shrimp contains high proteins, but also it has very low calories that are safe for sense of satiety.
  • Oatmeal: This is one of the healthiest filling grains which keep you full for many hours. It contains high fiber content that is helpful to promote weight loss.
  • Apples: These wonderful fruits have a component called pectin, which is very effective in decreasing appetite and promote sense of fullness similar to fiber. So, you can add an apple in your routine diet either in the morning or in the afternoon.
  • Beans: Eating beans in every meal can help you to stop food cravings in between meals. This is an inexpensive way to control severe hunger pangs.
  • Pine nuts: It has been shown that pine nuts are effective in suppressing appetite. So, you can add pine nuts to your regular salads by roasting them.
  • Eggs: Being rich sources of protein and fewer calories, eggs are wonderful foods that can help you to stop hunger and keep you full for long time.