Superb Ways to Make your Burger Healthier

Who doesn’t love a good, juicy and tasty burger? But are burgers really all that healthy? May be not. There are many ingredients present in a burger which make it unhealthy and full of fat and carbs. But thankfully, there are many ways in which you can make a burger healthier and still enjoy its wonderful taste. The following are some of the most amazing ways to turn that burger into its healthy version.

superb ways to make your burger healthier

Choose Healthy Meat or Beef

One of the first and best ways to make your burger healthier is to choose a healthier beef or meat to add to it. It is better to go for fresh meat which the butcher cuts in front of you since most grocery stores sell the unhealthier version of beef which you must avoid.

Avoid Adding too Much of Mayo or Unhealthy Sauces

Another way to avoid eating an unhealthy burger is to avoid putting in too much of mayonnaise or any other unhealthy sauces or dips to it. Try to incorporate a sauce which has less calories in it but is tasty at the same time. When you visit the grocery store the next time, ask the salesman to suggest you a dip which is not as unhealthy as a mayo.

Add in Some Veggies and Greens

Another way to add more nutritional value to your burger or hamburger is to add in a lot of greens and healthy veggies to it. Add Portobello mushrooms for extra flavour and nutrition.

Avoid the Cheese

A lot of people add cheese slices to burgers but this is one of the reason why burgers are considered so unhealthy. Thus the best way to get a healthy alternative of your burger is to avoid the cheese altogether.  Add lettuce, onions and tomatoes instead.

Scoop the Bun

Another way to reduce a few calories from your burger is to scoop the bun as much as possible. By doing so, you will be able to shave off about 60 calories and that’s a lot! You can scoop the buns from the middle portion.

Use Portion Control

Another way to make your burger healthy is to cut it off in half and have just half portion of it at a time. Not only will this reduce the calories in half but will also avoid you from eating extra fat and unsaturated carbs.