The 5 Most Common Myths about Fast Food Debunked

All of us like to eat fast foods like burgers, fries, sandwiches and pizzas every once in a while not just because they taste good but also because in our busy lives, take-away of these food items is the quickest way to get yourself a meal.

But even inspite of the popularity of fast foods and the increasing number of fast food outlets across the world, there are many myths associated with such foods. The following is a list of the 5 most common myths about fast food debunked:

myths about fast food debunked

Fast Foods are Always Unhealthy

While it is true that most fast foods, when consumed in huge quantities can prove unhealthy for us, it is important to know that not all of them have high calories.  You can always manage to find certain low caloric, low fat and rather healthy fast food options also. For example, a salad without dressing may not be as unhealthy as other popular options like pizzas and burgers.

Buying Fast Food from a Reputed Place will not be as Unhealthy

No matter where you buy your burgers and fries from, the fact that they are high on unhealthy ingredients and calories cannot be ignored. Just buying fast food from a popular and reputed place doesn’t mean that it will not harm your health.

It is Okay to Eat Fast Foods at Home

While it is true that cooking fast food at home is more hygienic, but regular consumption of home cooked fast foods too can adversely affect your health in the long term.  One must make it a point to have such foods only once in a while, even if they are cooked at home using relatively healthier ingredients.

Opting for Salad at a Fast Food Restaurant is a Healthy Choice

You will be surprised to know that in some cases, a salad can contain more calories than a burger. Yes, so just ordering salad at a fast food restaurant doesn’t mean that you are making a particularly healthy choice. Always check the ingredients and constituents and only then order to avoid going for something that has high caloric content.

Fast Foods have Chemicals in them

A lot of people believe that fast foods have additive chemicals in them but this is just a myth.  Most of the good fast food chains do not add chemicals to their foods.