Relation Between Fast Food and Obesity

Though obesity and its related diseases have increased, it has to be noticed that the number of fast food restaurants has also grown up rapidly since the mid of 1970s. Obesity gave birth to several severe health problems including premature death, heart diseases, gall bladder diseases, stroke, fatty liver, arthritis as well as some pattern of cancers. Another point view of which can be taken care of that the extensive availability of fast foods has increased the obesity rates.

fast food and obesity

Why fast food and obesity is a recently “BIG” problem?

  • If you turn out pictures of pioneer days then you will realize that people had to work truly hard to get their meal on daily basis as there was no option of box mixes or pre made or frozen items. Consequently the rate of obesity was much less at that period of time.
  • On the contrary the present scenario differs completely. At the every corner of your path you will meet with fast food centers to offer you crunchy tacos, greasy burgers or sugary drinks. This paves the way of unplanned intake of meal.
  • Another point of view on this note which should be taken care of that to achieve the desired goal you are highly overscheduled and overcommitted which ultimately lead you to pick up easy accessible as well as cheaper fast food to the way of your home from work.
  • Being unfortunately unaware about the effects of the fast foods people grab those. Hence the result is the intake of loads of extra fats, rise of blood pressure, getting unfitted with your favorite dress attire.

From the aforesaid discussion it can be concluded that obesity can be regarded as the result of intake of fast foods and environmental circumstances in which you live.

Tips for Diet to prevent Obesity –

Therefore the way out can be to plan ahead. Chalk out you schedule throughout the week to have some healthy options of meal instead of being stucked with fast foods. Whole grain bread topped with low fat yogurt, grilled chicken combined with lettuce or low fat beans whole grain tortilla would be advantageous for you to get rid of obesity.

Beside the above discussion if your lifestyle necessitates fast food then manage to follow few subsequent tips:

  • Avoid high calorie dressing to your sandwich and opt for mustard or any low calorie sauces.
  • Instead of picking up fries from fast food restaurants, choose salads, yogurt or fruits to stay healthy.
  • Sugar free beverages would be beneficial for you to avoid obesity. Fast food restaurants can offer you unsweetened tea or lemonade as well.
  • Grilled chicken sandwiches will be less harmful than fried chicken sandwiches.