The Secret Hiding Into A Hot Steaming Cup Of Tea

green teaWhen I am thinking about green tea there are certain words that cross my mind instantly.

In that particular second I almost feel on the tip of my tongue the rich, distinctive flavor, of a perfect bouquet of tea leaves dried in the wind, in the far away India or China.

I associate the thought of green tea with the Japanese discipline and way of life, with the fresh smell of the hot beverage served with honey and lemon in the London tea-shops and most of all with the way I felt after drinking it for the first time.

I didn’t always have the opinion I have now about the green tea. First time I came in contact with the smell I was under the impression that I smelled the scent of boiled medicine herbs.

It didn’t have any particular flavor I could have hanged on and I was telling myself that there is no way I will ever drink that stuff.

I was slightly overweight, I had high cholesterol level and I was in a very nasty mood almost all the time. By that time I have heard thousands of people mentioning that the green tea was good for the health and I almost started to believe all of them.

So … it happened that I bought a package of green tea, a quite famous brand, and made myself a cup, adding lemon and a bit of honey to mild the rough herbal taste. This being done I tried my best to enjoy it and to make the most out of this ritual.

So said and done I have developed a certain habit of inviting my friends over for tea under the smart motive that we are just hanging spending quality time together and in the mean time we are enjoying a very common health remedy.

teaI remember I used to make fun about how much weight I was going to lose after drinking green tea.

Well…I didn’t lose pounds spectacularly, but I sure found out after the blood analysis I had after drinking it for a while, that my cholesterol level had dropped significantly and that my kidneys were a lot better.

I have asked the nutritionist if the tea was responsible and he said I was right.

This may seem to you like a pretty unbelievable story but it isn’t like that at all. The power of experience taught me that I shouldn’t mock a very old Asian tradition where hot green tea is drank after meals in order to stimulate the digestion and to help the liver process better the toxins.

These days we can find the green tea in bottles together with a multitude of flavors and the possibility of being drank as a soft drink.

Unfortunately this bottled tea usually has sugar addition that increases its caloric effect.

The best and the healthiest way of consuming the tea is home made in a steaming cup of energy created by the land to make us feel better every way.