The Raw Diet Less Spectacular Than Advertised

raw dietI think that everybody has heard one way or another about the raw diet.

It has become popular a few years ago when it was adopted by a large number of Hollywood actresses and celebrities.

Since then this diet had known several dissident currents that appeared under the names of “vegan” and “salmon”. These more or less interesting variations were adopted rapidly and after that criticized or simply adored by their followers.

I started this diet out of a whim, after considering the silhouettes of Demi Moore, and Lisa Bonet and I thought that my life style could benefit from a healthier and more correct eating behavior.

So after buying a tone of books about the diet and thinking that I will save a lot of cash and time eating unprocessed food I went “raw”.

After 5 weeks the results started to appear. My body was ok, I felt more energetic and I must say I wasn’t very hungry because I was allowed to eat nuts and seeds as a snack two times a day and that was pretty ok.

I was very satisfied with myself especially because two of my friends were on two different and equally famous diets.

In 5 weeks I have lost about 9 kg and it was very cool. It was summer, I was also jogging and my muscles were looking ok. My friends were not as satisfied as I was and that made me even more confident.

Well the very interesting part appeared when I tried to introduce some processed food into my diet. Then the things started to go wrong.

Usually the raw diet allows the introduction of 25% processed food. This way a certain balance can be kept inside the digestive system and the results come slowly and take a bit of time until they appear.

When I started to increase the quantity of processed food, I am pretty sure that the proportion went up 40% so my diet became a bit half & half.

The weight started to build up immediately and that made me panic. Somehow my body did not respond well to the diet alteration and in about 2 weeks my old weight came back.

The books and directions that I have received from the nutritionist consulted before I started the diet, were very clear about the metabolism changes and how will these force the body to stop accumulating weight.

Unfortunately it wasn’t exactly so. My metabolism was the same as before and after a check up I found out that the diet did me well because the blood analysis were looking much better than before I started dieting.

weightlossSo everything was fine, except for the weight.My friends who have also stopped following their own diet plan were fine and staying away from the temptations they remained with a reasonable weight loss. I can’t help but wonder what exactly went wrong…

I have played by the rules but the wonderful myth of the raw diet crashed at my feet.

The conclusion, after consulting a doctor, was that every body has it’s own particularities so…I really think that us, ladies should stop considering as dieting advice what the trendy magazines tell us giving us as example fabulous divas and fashion icons.