The “Alive” Foods Helping You To Thrive

We girls, tend to be absolutely obsessed by our weight and any additional ounce drives us mad and stresses us beyond limits. You can’t actually blame women for this because clothes that no longer fit and unwanted curves showing of through clothing have immediate impact over personal self esteem.

What very few of us know is that out there, there are foods containing the little natural wonders called enzymes that not only can fix your weight problem but also have a huge impact over your health.

green parsleyThe “alive” food is a remarkable truth that has only recently come in the nutritionists’ attention.

All these food elements that are called “alive” are carrying enzymes which are the key towards a better absorption of food.

Basically the enzymes are small molecules responsible for our digestion being an important part of how our body works and defends itself.

These food enzymes are also responsible for burning fat and processing cellulose but also for the metabolism of starch and protein.

Next time you think of taking on a diet that will help you lose weight but in the same time keep you healthy consider those foods that carry inside them the elixir for a longer and healthier life.

The wheat germs for example are rich in enzymes, antioxidants and all the anti-aging miracle elements like chlorophyll, amino acids, complex proteins, fibers and pigments. They will help you improve digestion, give you energy and strengthen your body against the free radicals.

wheat grains

Aloe vera in known to be a source of amino acids and polysaccharides with an active role in helping the healing of damaged tissues, swelling reduction and improving digestion.

The green barley is your source of strong anti oxidants and a large number of proteins easy to assimilate. It has the ability to increase your resistance, protecting the tissues and keeping your body safe from polluting factors.

All diets encourage us to eat green parsley because it contains Vitamin C.

Along that vitamin, this vegetable also contains B12, chlorophyll and calcium and that combination makes it a reliable weapon against bacteria infections.

sun flower seedsMarine algae are the easiest to digest source of natural minerals having an essential role in improving digestion and assimilating nutritional substances being responsible in the same time for keeping our weight constant.

Recently introduced in the diet programs Stevia is a source of complex carbohydrates and vitamins.

The Stevia sugar can replace the artificial sweeteners being the single 100% vegetable sweetener with only 2 calories per a teaspoon compared to the classical sugar which has 20 calories for the same amount of product.

The sun flower seeds are known to contain the essential fatty acids as well as A, E.D vitamins, B complex, iron and proteins which makes them the best energetic stimulant.

The blue algae , the type of Spirulina contain the highest combination of nutrition factors known to men stimulating the immunity , memory and making the body more energetic protecting it in the same time from infections.

When focusing on keeping a diet program consider the help of this life giving elements and be sure that they will make your diet more successful.