Me, Thinking Slim And Getting Fat, And About To Change That

lose weightWhy is it that every single time I try a new diet I end up gaining weight instead?

It seems as if I put on pounds just thinking about getting fit and slim. It is so frustrating to keep trying one diet after another and not getting any results.

It feels like I have spent a lifetime dieting and I still can’t lose the weight.

It is very discouraging to keep on what seems like an endless cycle of diets and exercise, without getting anywhere.

It always seems that diets stop working after a week even though I follow the diet rules and directions painstakingly. When it comes to a diet failing, this is one of the causes. I expect it to happen every time I go on a diet.

I thought about it and realized that if the diet does not work after a week, I immediately call it a failure and toss it out. I think part of the problem has been that I’ve been taking a short-sided view of it instead of focusing on the long term goal and outcome.

In addition, I tend to be negative after it fails and I imagine that the next one will also end in failure.

I recently found out that stressing too much about how much you weigh can actually make the weight stay put or worse, it makes you gain more weight[weight gain]. The more you worry about your weight the more you stress out over it.

When you are stressed your body produces stress hormones, which in turn slows your metabolism, making it hard for you to lose weight and actually causing you to gain weight.

They have found that thinking positively will help you lose weight, so don’t stress over it.

No matter what the previous results that you have had with other diets, change your thinking if you begin a new one. It boils down to the idea that if you dream of being slim you will eventually get there.

I know you are thinking, this is silly, how can dreaming about losing weight really get me slimmer? Research has shown that positive thinking can achieve great results.

Imagine what you want to look and feel like and focus on this. Change your perspective, do not worry about the other diets that have failed, just see yourself as healthy and slim. This technique has been shown to work and may work for you.

After reading up on ways to diet better, I picked up a few tips that may help you stay on track. One was not to skip any meals.

Skipping meals actually slows your metabolism because your body will think that you are starving. Instead of skipping meals, eat smaller, frequent meals throughout the day, so that you end up eating 5-7 meals a day.

Another tip was to keep at it even if you fall off and devour a chocolate cake. Don’t beat yourself up over it just keep your goal in sight.

A third tip was to not do it alone. Get friends to go on the diet with you or find forums online where you can feel part of a group and in this way you will not feel alone. Don’t forget to dream about your slimmer, healthier body.

Keep upbeat and treat yourself by celebrating little milestones with a trip to a spa or getting a new haircut to go with the new body that is on its way.

Remember to concentrate on what you want to achieve and you will get it. Do not lose track of the long term health benefits or how you will look and feel. Focus on your goal and achieve it.