Famous Diets Are Killer Hands In Velvet Gloves

When fighting kilograms, we women tend to push ourselves over the limit of common sense and torment our bodies with a great variety of diets.

The main cause of this complete frenzy that runs over the world committing women to give up eating, disregards every logical principle of a moderate healthy diet combined with the right amount of daily workout.

Since looked from the outside these miracle diets seem to be the ideal path to choose when we need a rapid weight loss, the question is why doesn’t anybody approach the matter to explain all of us how much damage can these diets do on a healthy body and how many problems can they cause on the long run.

I know for a fact that when my teenage niece got inside her head that she must lose some weight before prom, her own mom encouraged her to try on the cabbage soup diet.

The nutritionists are totally against this diet because it is based on a very low number of calories and from there to malnutrition is only one step.

The warnings we see on TV or read in a newspaper are so many and everywhere it is stated loud and clear that the diet must not be kept longer than seven days and must not contain ONLY cabbage soup.

In spite of the fact that the diet has a daily menu with no carbs, protein or minerals the body craves desperately every day, my niece stayed the course and ate only cabbage soup. When she started feeling weak after 5 days, and she passed out at school she was finally convinced that this diet was very bad for her.

The case is not singular and all parents should know that any diet capable to cause dizziness, weakness and lack of focus should be completely forbidden to children and young adults.

I tried the grapefruit diet for getting into size myself a few years ago. It was before my wedding and I had to fit that amazing gown I spent a fortune on.

Based on the same basic mechanism as the cabbage diet – depriving the body of calories, this diet is usually followed for twelve days, it has a lot of food restrictions and it is hard to stand by it.

The main danger of the diet is that the low number of calories combined with the caffeine amount allowed lead to a severe dehydration. It pretty much lowered the levels of calcium, iron and vitamins, the weight loss was not spectacular and I felt like hell.

My girlfriends tried for a while the cider vinegar diet. Based on the routine of taking 45 milliliters of cider vinegar daily, this diet causes extreme acidity to the stomach. The result was they felt so sick they could not eat anything.

Another winner I thought worthy to mention was the Hallelujah Diet created by the reverend George Malkmus. You eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink barley juice. The diet interdicts any animal product and deprives the body of protein hence the risk of serious nutrition problems is imminent.

The idea of losing weight exclusively through dieting is not at all smart. Our body is a machine functioning on food and drink. It is also functioning on a smart dosage of effort. If we live a sedentary life, overstressed on a daily basis the weight will sure keep on building.

Keep in mind ladies, if sport helps us to be beautiful and fit, it also helps us stay healthy, keeping us safe from the hidden problems a drastic diet may cause to our fragile body.