Crushing The Myth Of Salad Diet

salad dietWhile I was dining out  in the last few years, or during the luncheons I have every Sunday with my girlfriends, I heard the women ordering “just a salad” so many times that the line somehow became associated in my head with plain eating out.

So many times I have heard it followed by:” I’m watching my waistline being in a diet and all…” that I really have to look into the issue and bring it down to pieces.

If you think I will get on the matter and start discussing the dressings of the salads and how destructive they are for our dieting process well…think again.

The days when all of us used to enjoy a salad as a starter for a nice meal at a restaurant, kind of an …Italian “antipasti” but without the meat, are long gone.

Then eating a salad was enjoying a perfect combination of crispy vegetables, feta, boiled eggs or tuna, complimented with a glorious assorted dressing whether of cream and cheese, delightful lemon or yogurt sauce or simply olive oil and balsamic vinegar – vinaigrette.

Such a salad was enjoyed with croutons and a hot cup of green tea and we were delighted by its combination of taste and flavors.

The magazines of today bring up to date documentations and calorie calculation together with the new recipes for a proper salad used in diet, recipes that are now present on every menu of the modern restaurants of the world.

The diet programs proclaim we should become vegetarian for the sake of our cholesterol level and we should lose pounds on a rich in fibers diet.

losing weightWell… if it is so how come my friends that are spending their days in permanent huger being faithful to a diet that allows only vegetables and plain water, stop losing weight after a week or so and are fighting in vain a certain weight limit?

The explanation is a very natural one. Depriving our body of protein we make it grow hungrier every day.

Also on a diet rich in vegetable we get only a certain amount of energy.

Our body has a natural process of adapting itself very quickly to the environment it is forced to live in.

That is how we don’t have a heart attack when in getting chilly outside all of a sudden. This is how our magnificent machinery that helps us function day after day is built to react.

After being fed salad after salad, our body will do its best to retain as much as it can from what it consumes. In the absence of the proteins and fats it can and will hold on to the proteins and fats it already has so… bye-bye diet.

In spite of the efforts a woman assumes consuming “just salad” for more than a week; her body will be forced to stop losing weight in order to protect itself from getting sick.

The answer is very simple as it is logical and even though we think that staying hungry will be enough to lose weight our body knows a lot better what is good for us than we lovely ladies do.