All Organic Qualifies As A Diet

shakesThere are so many diets out there it is mind boggling, and makes it even more difficult for you to choose which would be the best for your body.

One item to keep in mind is which diet not only helps you lose weight but which also keeps you healthy.

Many diets make you drink only shakes or end up robbing your body of vitamins and nutrients.

There are so many diets that just focus on your losing weight but do not bother to teach you about foods or your body. Something that has recently been in the news is the organic food diet.

The exceptional thing about it is that you can lose weight but it also keeps your body healthy, without starving or changing your intake too much. I love the idea that it focuses on your health rather than just instantaneous weight loss.

Conventionally grown fruits, vegetables and meats contain toxins, pesticides, preservatives and hormones. All these things combine to make you unhealthy and fat. Your body does not run at its optimum level and this causes you to keep those pounds and makes it difficult to lose them.

I really like that organic foods do not contain that killer cocktail of chemical and genetic engineered bombs. Studies have also found that organic fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients than their non-organic equivalents.

A lot of today’s meats contain hormones and there have been many reports that show how this excess intake of hormones can cause hormonal imbalances in your body.

Organic meats do not have hormones and by consuming them you do not get water retention. Hormonal imbalance causes you to carry weight constantly and makes it hard for you to lose the weight around your belly.

organic fruitsEating an organic diet can increase your metabolism because without the preservatives, hormones, and pesticides, your body will work much more efficiently.

The extra nutrients will also boost your metabolism and your energy levels, keeping you healthy and helping your immune system fight any sickness.

You can continue to eat the recommended portions that you would with traditional foods but you can actually lose weight. You will lose weight once your body starts to work more efficiently, thanks to the nutrients and metabolism boost, however, over eating will cause you to gain weight, even if it is organic.

One drawback to an organic diet is that you will be shelling out a lot of money in order to stay on it. Organic foods can sometimes be as high as 100% more expensive than its equivalent in conventionally grown foods that you buy today.

There may be a change in the future as more people turn to organic food and understand its benefits; however, it is still costly at this time.

You can argue the point that organic meats and produce may carry a high price but it does not compare to the price of your health.

If you developed a medical problem because of your weight and unhealthy food intake, you may pay the ultimate price of continuous, irreversible ill health or worse. It may be expensive now but in the long run you will have a beautiful, healthy body, free of any ailments.

On the organic diet, not only do you lose weight but your body is healthier and happier. The nutrients you were missing from conventionally grown foods can be found in organic foods.

These nutrients can also help to brighten your skin, making you more beautiful. Remember, you are what you eat. Now don’t you want to eat the best stuff out there for your body and mind?