The Ideal Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men and What It Should Include

There are literally thousands of weight loss plans out there to choose from. But most seem to be oriented towards female weight loss, which makes it difficult to find that right weight loss diet plan for men. Men have different body types and metabolism and their weight loss plans can and should differ from those of women.

Here are some tips to pick the right weight loss diet plan for men:

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men

1. Understand the causes for male obesity

Genetics is part of why you weigh what you do. Equally there is the fact of sedentary lifestyles and super sized meal portions.

Over time meal portions being super sized have contributed to bigger appetites and hence that beer belly overhang!

As human kind evolved men had very physicallyactive lifestyles first as hunter-gatherer and then as farmer, craftsman, trader and so on.

Modern jobs and sedentary lifestyles have not let evolution catch up just yet – ergo the obesity epidemic.

2. Cut portion sizes

If super sizing is the culprit, it follows that the ideal weight loss diet plan for men should have smaller portion sizes. Smaller meals that don’t leave you feeling deprived are the key to longer lasting weight loss.

3. Make meals less energy dense

Some experts believe that it may not be possible to eat small meals. They recommend that meals be less energy dense. This way you feel fuller, as in after a big meal, but you didn’t end up eating as much!

4. Don’t drink your calories

If the game just doesn’t seem as interesting without a six pack in tow, then this may be part of the problem. You may not realize how many calories are coming just from the beer; leave aside the sodas, juices and even energy drinks.

5. Be sure to add weight training to that weight loss diet plan for men

No diet plan for men is complete without the right exercise plan. Men are lucky in that they have the ability to pack on muscle relatively more easily. So adding resistance or weight training to the program can help you lose more calories in less time, and muscle mass means that you keep off the weight for longer.

6. Give up that remote

TV viewing is bad for several reasons. It could be the reason for more food consumed mindlessly, and more beers guzzled without actual awareness of the act. Also the more time you spend before the TV, the more time you’re on the couch and the less time you spend in physical activity.

Along with the right weight loss diet plan for men, pick up a competitive sport or a hobby such as swimming, hiking etc where you constantly challenge yourself to do better!