Fat Free Foods That are Secretly Unhealthy

With the focus of all turning towards healthy food, fat free has become the buzz word for most conscious eaters and weight watchers. But then all fat is not bad fat. Some fats like the polyunsaturated fats are good for the body and also help to remain healthy by actually reducing the risk of heart attacks and uplifting mood, hence defying depression.

Unhealthy fat free foods

Moreover, when you reach for that food off the store rack that sports “Fat Free”, little do you realize that this very fat free version of the normal food might have so much of added calories to it that it would have been ultimately better to reach for the normal version instead of the hyped fat free.

Most fat free foods are loaded with added sodium and sugar to make up for the loss in taste due to lack of the fat ingredient in it. This again makes your fat free food unhealthy as the sugar present in the food will actually make you add on extra calories. Apart from this, the fat present in the food helps to create a feeling of fullness and hence keeps satisfied for a longer time.

What is the use of having 5 fat free cookies when you can actually cut down on calories by having one normal cookie that can satisfy you better, because of the fat content in the latter. Ultimately you will be consuming lesser calories.

Here are some common fat free foods that are actually unhealthy for us.

1. Fat Free Dairy products: Fat free dairy products have less of nucleic acid and a lower Vitamin A and D content. The absence of fat makes the absorption of these important nutrients difficult. Try 1% milk or skim milk rather than the fat free version.

2. Fat Free Frozen Meals: It might seem like just the best option to go for that frozen meal as it says fat free. Problem is this product is loaded with sodium that will make this one meal give you the sodium that you should consume in an entire day.

3. Fat Free Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is loaded with fats, but the type of fat is monosaturated fat which is known to promote weight loss, boost healthy cholesterol, fight inflammation. A low fat or fat free version of the Peanut Butter takes away fat to add it with sugar which is not good for health. Try a natural version with no added sugar to get the best out of Peanut butter.

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