Some Healthy Snacks Ideas

healthy snacksMany of us who have been doing a good job controlling portions and eating healthy at mealtimes may still feel that nagging snack craving in between meal times.

For this there are some useful recommendations here to help you get by the periods of peckishness:

  • Popcorn which bears no resemblance to the kind offered at the movies. This has to be without the loads of butter and salt. This makes for a good low calorie snack that is high on fiber.
  • Crispbreads made from rye may be a little unfamiliar and unappetizing but with some creative toppings, this could really hit the spot when the 11 o’clock urge strike.
  • Fruit of course is an excellent and delicious between times snack. An apple, a banana, an orange all are tasty and nutritious and satisfying as well. Have them whole, cut into bite sizes, or blend in a smoothie; get creative for great taste!
  • Low fat yoghurt, particularly the kind with live bacteria is excellent.  And for variety, add fruit.
  • Olives are delicious and you can have them with a twist of lime, or seasons with some herbs.
  • Veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, celery present easy choices particularly when dipped in hummus, or similar dip.