Hydrating Food For An Amazing Figure

yogurtOur body is 70% water and that is why it goes without saying that it must be offered the right means for hydration.

The fruit and vegetable diet is an excellent resource of water as they are responsible for 30% of our body water balance.

Obviously if we want to enjoy the benefic results of such a diet we have to consume the fruits and vegetables in large quantities and as little processing as possible.

They can replace the minerals we lose through perspiration and they all have high content of antioxidants that are protecting us from the negative effects of the exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The soup

The specialists advice us to introduce in our diet the vegetable soup along with the two liters of water that we should drink daily. The researches show that the soup, rich in nutrient factors, vitamins and minerals satisfies the hunger being a very healthy meal. A bowl of soup before the actual main course will reduce the calorie intake from that certain meal.

The meat and yogurt

The raw meat has 70-80% water. After preparing it, if the stake turns out dry it means the water was lost so going for a more succulent stake is a good idea. If you choose meat coming from a young animal the stake will keep the water content during preparation.

The dairy products are another smart way to consume hydrating food. The yogurt offers a valuable hydration if consumed during the days with high temperatures but also if it is part of at least one daily meal.

The fruits are the runner up in this matter and the yellow melon should be eaten more often because it has a lot of water and third times the potassium quantity than the green melon has.

It also has a large content of beta carotene which is a powerful antioxidant. The berries are also and excellent resource of vitamin C and that is why they are recommended in sunburns because they help re-hydrating the skin.

The best example of keeping the body hydrated and slender is the example of the Koala bear. It never drinks water just because it has an exclusively vegetarian diet made of leaves. This diet offers it all the water it needs.

This is the best example of how nature provides us the means to keep our bodies slim and beautiful. The answer is in the food we eat.