Hunger Suppression Harder For Women

hunger suppressionA recent study discovered that women have a more difficult time suppressing their hunger.

As it turns out, the female brain has a different mechanism for determining satiety than the male brain.

After studying men and women who fasted, researchers discovered that something different occurs in the female brain when food is seen.

The study found that both men and women could stop their hunger by using a cognitive technique called inhibition, but that this technique diminished male hunger far more than female hunger.

Even though women can consciously control their hunger, their brains are still firing off signals that they are hungry. By understanding this, researchers hope to develop better methods to help men and women combat hunger.

How do I suppress hunger?

Even though you might measure out your proportions, you might still find it difficult to lower your intake. There are fortunately a very large number of ways that you can try to suppress hunger.

Some of these techniques help better for some individuals and some of these help better for other individuals.

Very common methods

Three of the most commonly recommended methods for reducing hunger include drinking water, exercising and eating lettuce. All three of these are commonly shown to reduce hunger. But various other methods have also been recommended.

Coffee and tea are reported to be appetite suppressants. Fiber foods are also known for curbing the appetite. Fiber drinks like Special K protein water are supposed to help appetite suppression.

Planning out your meals is also important. Eating nutrient rich foods in small proportions help because there is a delay in when the human body tells itself that it is no longer hungry.

If you continue to eat before this period, you will eat to the extent where your body no longer needs the nutrients and will immediately begin storing fat.

Also, eating several meals throughout the day prevents your body from thinking that you are starving. Then you are less likely to experience extreme hunger. In addition to these methods, the absolute best way to reduce your appetite is to use self motivation. Sometimes, the only way to really control your hunger is to stop yourself.

Appetite suppressing supplements

Most of the available appetite-suppressant drugs act on noradrenergic and possibly dopaminergic receptors to produce satiety. A smaller number increase excess neuronal serotonin levels by blocking serotonin reuptake or by increasing its release.

All these drugs produce significantly greater weight loss than does placebo in most studies.

However, these drugs often lead to side-effects and drug addictions. Fortunately, there is one supplement called Hoodia that is supposed to successfully aid in suppressing hunger without any harmful side effects.