How Do You Talk About Your Diet?

dietIf you’re on a diet – or if you just try to eat healthily and exercise regularly – then take a few moments to consider how you talk about it.

You might think that the way you describe your diet to friends, colleagues and yourself doesn’t really matter, but changing the way you talk about your diet can alter your outlook completely – and set you up for success.

Avoiding “shoulds” and “oughts”

Have you used any phrases like these in connection with your diet?

  • “I ought to lose weight.”
  • “I shouldn’t eat that.”
  • “I’m not allowed to have fries, I’m on a diet.”
  • “I should go for a jog after work.”

If you talk like this, you’ll feel deprived whilst dieting – you’ll see your diet in terms of being “forbidden” certain foods, and you might diet because you think you “ought to” rather than because you want to.

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