High-Fat Diets Weight Loss – How Does This Work?

The term high-fat diets weight loss can seem like a contradiction in terms. After all it is fat loss that is the aim so how can fat consumption facilitate this? There is the view that is supported by studies and research that a high fat and low carbs diet could be more effective for weight loss than the more traditional high crabs-low fat diet.


How high-fat diets weight loss works

Over the years several high fat diets have been demonstrably more effective at helping people lose weight. When overweight or obese study subjects were divided into groups and randomly assigneddifferent diets, high fat protocols were found to work as well if not better than many other diets.

A no carbs, high fat diet was developed byendocrinologist James Hays, MD for his diabetic patients. It was found that this diet helped even those with heart disease.

This high-fat diet weight loss was found to lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol and was also seen to lower triglyceride levels in the blood.

Many experts advocate high fat diet that controls carbohydrate intake because it lowers body fat and also makes the body healthier.

According to one view, high-fat diets weightloss occurs because people on these diets tend to actually consume fewer calories over the longer term.

However there is a contrary view that these high fat diets could be harmful in the longer term. Even if they help to lose weight quicker than several other types of diets, there could be a long term cardiovascular risk, which may only come to light later.

High-fat diets weight loss could trigger metabolic changes

In a study conducted on mice, the body clock of mammals was seen to change when put on a high fat diet. Certain physiological and behavioral processes were seen to change following the diet change. The working of genes that control metabolism, use and storage of energy was seen to alter.

The body’s daily functioning including waking, sleeping, eating as well as metabolism and storage of energy as well as their balance (homeostasis) was examined in the study. The researchers wanted to examine if the food that we eat could possibly affect these processes.

Whether high-fat diets weight loss is healthy in the longer term or whether it will be beneficial for you, given your current health as well as medical history is something you would have to consider very carefully. Before embarking on any high fat diet thinking it will safely help you lose weight, you should consult a doctor or a nutritionist.