Hershesons – Bad Hair? These Foods May be a Problem

We all like to look good, and the appearance of our hair is crucial to achieving this goal. While high street products and hair accessories can all be procured to help create soft and shiny locks, there are other less costly steps that can be taken to fulfil the same purpose. Your diet is one of the most important considerations when attempting to create a full and luxurious mane, as while some foods stimulate growth others can cause hair follicles to shrink and diminish.

3 Foods that are Likely to Damage your Hair if Consumed Regularly

With this in mind, what foods, vitamins and ingredients are likely to have a negative impact on your hair and its visual appearance? Consider the following: –

ŸSweets, Chocolate and Sugary Snacks:While an excess of sugar is known to have a negative impact on skin and teeth, it also damages the growth and appearance of your hair. Eating sugary products such as sweets and chocolate trigger a spike in your blood sugar levels, which in turn causes a surge of androgen within the body. This is a male hormone that forces hair follicles to shrink in both men and women, and this risk can only be offset by consuming sugary goods and products in moderation.

ŸWhite Breads, Wheat and High-Glycemic Foods: With this in mind, it stands to reason that any food that can be quickly broken down into sugar also poses a similar threat to your hair. Take high-glycemic foods, for example, which also cause a rise in blood sugar levels and the eventual thinning of hair once digested. Including cakes, white breads, pasta and wheat based products, these products must be eaten in moderation if you are to maintain a full, shiny and healthy head of hair.

ŸFish that Contain High Levels of Mercury: While eating seafood is generally accepted to have a positive impact on maintaining hair growth and shine, you must be careful when selecting the exacttypes of fish that you consume. While salmon and canned tuna both carry vitamins that boost follicle growth, for example, fish such as sushi and swordfish also boast high levels of mercury that can lead to the thinning of hair over time. So take the time to consider each individual component of your diet and how it relates to healthy hair.

The Bottom Line

Diet is clearly an influential factor when it comes to maintaining a healthy head of hair, and it is important to research the food that you eat thoroughly if you are achieve your ideal image. By creating a simple diet that aids hair growth and development, you can also safeguard any long term investment that you make in advanced conditioners, products and Hershesons hair accessories.