Top 5 Health Risks Of Consuming Fast Foods

It’s true that fast foods are really tempting and are surely super addictive. Their appeal lies in their name and the fact they are available to us readily makes them even more attractive.

In fact, fast foods are the staple food in several countries. But are these tempting foods that good for the health? Well the answer is no.  There are multiple health risks of consuming fast foods and the following are the top 5 of them:

health risks of consuming fast foods

1. High Content of Fat

One of the biggest health risks associated with consumption of fast foods is that they are high on the content of fat. Intake of high quantities of saturated fat is not good for the health and regular eating of fast foods can lead to excessive weight gain and other health problems. For example, the Big Mac sandwich contains 540 calories.

2. High Levels of Bad Cholesterol

Another health risk associate with consumption of fast foods is that they are high on levels of bad cholesterol. Intake of high levels of bad cholesterol can lead to heart troubles and diseases.  Thus, if you eat fast foods on a regular basis, you are at a risk of facing heart issues due to collection of cholesterol in the heart valves.

3. Large Portions

The portions provided at fast foods restaurants or chain is a little too large for normal consumption and this leads us to eat more than what is ideal for us.

The large size of fast foods poses a great risk of unhealthy weight gain.  This is especially true for those who indulge in fast food consumption on a regular basis.

4. Several Diseases

Some other health problems that can occur on regular consumption of fast foods include diabetes, liver damage, stroke, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, arthritis, Blount’s disease, dyslipidemia and even some majorly serious diseases.

In fact, even obesity is one of the most common problems caused due to large consumption of fast foods like hamburgers, pizzas and hot dogs.

5. High Salt Content

Most fast foods are high on salt content. In fact the salt content is so high that it exceeds the recommended amount and is therefore unhealthy as far as regular consumption is concerned.

High salt consumption can lead to heart issues like strokes and heart attacks. This can be proved by the fact that reduction in salt intake can reduce incidences of stroke by about 30.

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