HCG Diet Side Effects May Differ With Men And Women

If you are embarking on the HCG diet fad it will be helpful to know what are the side effects of HCG. This will help you prepare and prevent some of the HCG diet effects if not totally eliminate them. HCG diet side effects differ for men and women because to begin with, women have more use for the HCG hormone. Why then do record show women experience more serious HCG diet effects?

hcg diet side effectsTo explain the different side effects of HCG between men and women, know first the general HCG diet effects.

General Side Effects Of HCG

Craving for Foods – One of the HCG diet effects you may experience is craving for food due to deprivation because of a very low calorie diet.

Feelings of Hunger – This HCG diet effect of hunger pangs differ for different people with no reference to gender. You may withstand the 500 caloric diet of the HCG program, but most people will experience hunger pangs with this near starvation diet.

Mood Swings – Since HCG is a hormone that affects the brain’s function, possible HCG diet side effects you may encounter would include confusion, irritability, restlessness and depression.

Studies also show that the brain cannot function normally with only 500 calories as a daily source of energy adding to the HCG diet effects on the brain’s function.

Skin Rashes – HCG diet effects can stimulate autoimmune reaction because this is a hormone that may elicit an autoimmune response especially if you have known allergies.

Severe allergic reactions from HCG diet effects can be fatal, so if you have known allergies do not attempt to start this program without professional help.

Poor Immune System – Due to the very low caloric intake, HCG diet side effects compromise your natural defense mechanism that will make you prone to acquiring bacterial and viral illnesses.

Other Less Serious Side Effects of HCG – These HCG diet effects due to very low caloric intake may show you signs of baldness or severe hair loss and generalized body weakness.

Health Risks – HCG diet side effects include serious health conditions like hypertension, severe varicose veins, hypoglycemia and heart ailments. These are severe health risks that can be life threatening and should be closely considered especially if you have known pre-existing health conditions.

HCG Diet Side Effects On Women

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) – OHSS is a condition where the ovaries’ production of the egg cells is over stimulated affecting the normal menstrual cycle. This side effect of HCG will create fertility problems for women and sometimes cancer like symptoms. Symptoms of OHSS include pelvic pain, swelling of the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, shortness of breath and frequent urination.

False Pregnancy Symptoms – Since women use HCG hormone during pregnancy, using it as your diet program may also manifest pregnancy symptoms as a result of HCG diet effects like breast tenderness, swelling of the hands and feet, nausea and vomiting and water retention.

HCG Diet Effects On Men

Generally, men experience the same common HCG diet effects with women, but one HCG diet side effect distinct with men is the increased incidence of breast swelling like in the case of gynecomastia, where there will be a prominent increase in men’s breast size and contour.


HCG diet poses several side effects that may even be life threatening if not managed correctly. So before starting with the HCG diet program, it will be wise and safe to discuss thoroughly with your health provider the possible HCG diet effects you may experience and the possible health risks the HCG diet may pose for you.