Having your Cake and Eating it – Sustainable Diets that aren’t too Restrictive

People who are overweight generally know why they are overweight – we eat too much and too much bad stuff and don’t exercise enough to counteract it – so why give people who are fond of “naughty treats” diets that are extremely restrictive and completely deny them what they like to eat?  Cabbage Soup Diet, Cambridge Diet, Beverley Hills Diet and Watermelon Diet are examples of fad diets that limit both what you can eat and how much you can eat and they do not allow for sweet treats or indulgences. They may produce good weight loss results in the short term but long term you will not lose weight, as soon as your return to normal eating people often add all the weight and some more.

The good news is that there are some sensible diets that you can do which allow you to eat unlimited amounts of particular foods and include recipes for sweet treats.  One such diet is the Dukan Diet.

Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is made up of four simple phases and you are allowed to eat as much as you like of 100 safe foods, made up of 72 high protein foods and 28 non starchy vegetables.  The Dukan diet website also provides lots of great recipes including some fantastic sweet treats.

To give you a taste of what you could enjoy on the Dukan Diet, here are my favourite sweet treats available (recipes can be found on the Dukan Diet website): Swiss roll, chocolate ice cream (yes seriously) , trifle cake, soufflé with chocolate sauce and custard, chocolate brownies, muffins and even chocolate cupcakes!

The Dukan diet can be beneficial to those who enjoy food and don’t want to be completely restricted because you can fill yourself up on the 100 allowed foods and then can indulge a sweet tooth with simple and easy to make puddings.

The ingredients are things that will be in your food cupboard and if you plan ahead and do a sensible shop then you can ensure you eat properly over the week, indulge in your allowed sweet treats and avoid indulging in things that are not diet friendly.