Don’t Exclude Minerals And Vitamins From Your Diet

supplementsThe human body requires certain minerals and vitamins to keep it healthy and sometimes diets can mean the exclusion of certain foods that maintain a good balance of these.

Calcium is important and should be part of a healthy low fat diet. Although diary produce, which contain the most calcium, is quite high in fat should still be eaten in moderation.

There are certain beans and vegetables as well as fish that also provide calcium, so look out for the alternatives to dairy.

The intake of calcium is vital to avoid your bones being depleted of essential nutrients and women in particular can be very susceptible to developing osteoporosis in later life.

Californian researchers have found that, out of a study of females aged between eighteen and fifty those partaking in diets that restricted the intake of calcium had much lower bone density.

Maintaining a sensible and healthy diet seems to be the key and just make sure you have adequate quantities of food that contain calcium. Calcium supplements are available which will give you a boost, these are good for women who are in the at risk age group. These are available over the counter at any pharmacy or drugstore.

It seems that calcium is what is known as a fat burner, as opposed to a factor that stores the fat. The researchers in California state that this is because the calcium stored in fat cells plays a vital role in breaking down excess calories in the body.