Does Healthy Dieting Lead To Weight Gain?

Healthy DietingNowadays the most popular word heard about health is dieting.

Can you believe that dieting causes you to gain excess weight? Yes, it is true.

Healthy dieting can also have some negative effects.

Sometimes healthy dieting can become a great problem for your weight loss program.

This is mainly due to the failure of fad or “yo-yo” dieting.

While healthy dieting can give short-term results, but after the completion of diet program you will get back your weight that you put effort to take off.

Sometimes you will gain more weight than that you have before you start the diet plan.

At the time when you skip meals or when you do fasting, usually the process of metabolism will slow down. This means in order to maintain your current body weight you need to consume smaller quantity of calories.

When healthy dieting doesn’t give successful results you will be discouraged and upset. In order to get out of the stress associated with unsuccessful diets most of you turn to food for relief. Finally this results in additional weight gain.

A survey has been conducted on 116 women who were on healthy dieting or completed following the diet. In this, 86 percent of the women complained a feeling of restlessness and anxious about their struggle for dieting.

Most of these women were not succeeded in their weight loss efforts since the diet plan they are following is damaged by the stress associated by the diet itself.

Most studies are focused nil on the long-term effects of dieting. Following a healthy dieting by limiting the food intake will possibly shows the conflicting effects than the goal that you need to achieve.

Once you finished the diet plan, there will be great chances of gaining the weight and sometimes additional weight also. Then you will look heavier than you were before.

However the fad diets are not giving the successful results, it doesn’t mean that you should stop the efforts to lose weight. You need to consider a more helpful and long-term approach for weight loss.

This approach can be making some moderate changes in your lifestyle, rather than following the healthy dieting plan for fewer weeks.

Include exercise routinein your schedule and follow the healthy dieting plans that consist of eating all the foods to get more benefits. Stay away from starvation diets, since they involve avoiding particular food items and skipping the meals.

In order to become healthy and acquire ideal body weight, follow a balanced diet and also include a daily workout routine.