Do Sugar Free Drinks Cause People To Gain Weight?

soft drinksAlthough it is widely know that food and drinks that contain additional sugar are bad for our health, notably for our figure, more than 75 percent of the US population still consume these kind of products instead of substituting them with non-nutritive sweeteners with lower calorie levels.

This is probably due to the taste, but people are also concerned about the safety as to the content of these alternative sweeteners.

Past research on saccharin and cyclamates showed that these had provoked cancer in laboratory experiments, and they are still widely used by the public. Aspartame was also found to be a major cause for headaches, neurological troubles and brain cancer.

Another doubt lies in the fact that these diet soft drinks might in fact be the cause of weight problems, seeing the number of over weight people who consume them.

Reports have been issued stating that these low-calorie sweeteners can help keep weight under control, but must not be consumed in large amounts to compensate for the lower sugar content, this abuse is an obvious contradiction to the health programme people follow in order to lose weight.

In other research work it was found that animals given saccharin put on more weight for they consumed more food to compensate for the lower intake of calories.

However in other studies it was found that substituting regular soft drinks with non-caloric ones did in fact lower the weight gain of about 60 percent.

These diet drinks will effectively help in weight loss if they are not used as an excuse to consume other food, which is high in calorie, rendering the diet supplement ineffectual.