Top 10 Dieting Tips for Women

There are literally a thousand dieting tips for women. We try to cull the best of these tips, rejecting the ones that are impractical, unhealthy or ineffective. Read on to find our dieting tips that really work for women:


1. Don’t diet

Since we’re talking about dieting tips for women this may sound like a contradiction of terms, but trust us – ‘going’ on a diet doesn’t work, because it implies that you will “go off” the diet at a later date. The only thing that will work is a lifetime of healthy eating.

2. Have breakfast

This helps to get an energetic start to the day. Also it keeps you from getting ravenous by the time lunch time comes around.

The old adage, breakfast like a king, lunch like a commoner and dine like a pauper may be useful to follow!

3. Never go on a starvation diet

Anything lower than 1200 calories a day is unhealthy for you. So beware of all diets that severely restrict calories; your body will go into starvation mode, horde calories and fat stores and cannibalize muscle instead.

4. Concentrate on whole, natural foods

Eschew packaged, refined and processed and opt for whole foods without preservatives and additives.

5. Watch out when you eat out

It is best to cook meals at home so you can make healthy choices. Also you know what goes into a meal when you make it. When eating out, you don’t really know what you’re eating and have less control over how much you eat.

6. Have dairy products

This is one of the lesser-known dieting tips for women. Studies have shown that adding calcium intake to your diet helps in weight loss. So have low fat dairy products like skim milk, unsweetened yoghurt, low fat cheese etc.

7. Beware of diets that ask you to cut out whole food groups

Having a variety of food is the key to nutritious and balanced diet so never cut out entire food groups.

8. Make sure you have no nutritional deficiencies

One of the important dieting tips for women is to make sure that your diet is not nutritionally deficient. And find out from your doctor if you need a supplement for any deficiency you may have.

9. Don’t call it “workout”

The idea of a gym and the very mention of a workout may be anathema. If so, consider joining a dance class, learning a martial art, doing yoga or simply going for a walk with your favorite music!

10. Drink water

This is one of the oft-repeated dieting tips for women; but one that really works! Not only is it important to drink lots of water for hydration, it also helps lose weight if you replace sugary and fizzy drinks with plain water.