Top 4 Diet Tips for Marathon Runners

To be able to run a marathon, you need to be fit and also strong. To ensure you have the required fitness and to increase your stamina, exercise and running practice are not enough. You must also eat healthy to keep fit. This however does not mean that you lay off of fat foods completely. A runners’ diet is a bit different from the one which is prescribed to a person looking to lose weight. Here are some tips for a runners’ diet, which will help you keep fit for a marathon.

diet tips for marathon runners

A Few Diet Tips for Marathon Runners

It is important to know what sorts of food you should consume during the period of practice, before the marathon and after it. Here are some tips that will help you plan a proper diet.

Carbohydrate Boost

The most important factor in a marathon runner’s diet is the carbohydrate. When you are doing a high intensity activity, your body lives on the carbohydrate storage within itself. But if you do not have this storage running, chances are, you will experience something known as “hitting the wall”. This condition is dreaded by all marathon runners, because it can happen even to bests among them. Thus you should eat foods which are rich in carbohydrates.

High Proteins

Another important part of your diet should be proteins. Your body needs proteins in higher amount to build the muscles. Therefore you should include protein items in your diet to keep the stamina going. Keep white meats like chicken and turkey, along with cheese, milk, etc in your diet. They will help to replenish the body tissues.

Fruits and Veggies

It is advisable to eat 5 different types of fruits and vegetables that come in 5 different colors regularly. These fruits and vegetables will provide different types of minerals and vegetables to your body that it needs. Research suggests that taking one type of fruit in a single color will not help to build your body in the same way that a compound of pigments will make.

Cold Water Foods

Very interestingly, foods from cold water are good for the body if you are preparing to be a runner. Thus take lots of fish and sea foods in your diet. Apart from the proteins they contain minerals that are essential for the diet of a runner.

If you follow this food tips, along with a proper schedule for exercise and running in general, in a few months you will be able to run a marathon.