Diet Modification After Gastric Bypass Surgery

proteinsGastric Bypass surgery is a procedure done for severe obese patients to reduce weight by changing the anatomy of their digestive system.

If you are planning to go for something like this, then there are certain facts that you need to know.

After gastric bypass patients are given several dietary instructions. Immediately after the bypass food is gradually introduced starting with a clear liquid diet on day one.

Different diet stages include clear liquid diet, semi liquid diet, semi solid diet, low fat solid diet.

Even after the patients are started on low fat solid diet there are certain dietary restrictions that patients are supposed to follow lifelong.

After surgery first three months:

During diet progression initially you can eat many small meals a day sipping fluids in between but not with the meal, gradually progressing to three meals a day.

Protein is an important component required after the surgery for healing. Hence each meal should include low fat proteins such as egg whites, lean meat, low fat dairy product, fish etc.

New Eating Habits:

Eat small amount: After surgery your stomach holds only 1 ounce of food. Your stomach size is reduced to almost that of a peanut so make sure you don’t eat too much at a time and stop before you feel full.

Eating too many foods may exceed the required calorie recommendation and it may also make you feel nauseated.

Chose food low in fat and sugar: Consume foods that are low in fat or sugar or it may cause dumping syndrome. To prevent dumping syndrome eat food slowly and chew food thoroughly.

Don’t drink liquid with your meals. Foods that are high in fat and sugar are better avoided as they are high in calories as well.

Drink liquid between meals: Drinking liquid during meal time can cause dumping syndrome but it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. Drink minimum 6 to 8 cups fluid a day between meals.

Introduce new foods one at a time: Every person’s ability to tolerate food varies. Try one new food at a time and chew the food thoroughly before swallowing it. If any food causes discomfort avoid eating it. You may be able to tolerate it gradually with time.

Limit fiber intake: Post gastric bypass less space is available in stomach to handle this bulky food and less gastric acid is available to digest them. Hence restrict the intake of raw vegetables, bran, dried beans etc.

Take vitamins and minerals: It is difficult to get important vitamins and minerals from food alone as variety is restricted. Hence do take multivitamin and mineral supplements which your physician prescribes. Generally iron, calcium, Vitamin D and vitamin B12 are prescribed.

Enjoy your new life: Initially it may be difficult to get adjusted to a different lifestyle and eating habits but gradually you may get used to it. Enjoy your new life and be determined about no more grazing and regular exercise and don’t miss out on your regular appointment with your doctor.

Though all this may look like a tough job all that you need for this is determination. The new shape and the confidence that you will get post bypass will be worth all these efforts.