Biggest Dangers To Your Diet

Given the many food temptations throughout the day, it is tempting to snatch up a soda, bag of potato chips or another hamburger.

Even though the economy is doing poorly several restaurants have taken it upon themselves to offer relatively cheap meals.

Meals under $1 and meals under $2 are all over restaurant marquees. Notice four quarters and a dime in your pocket.

That’s one Whopper Jr. There are so many options for food out there that it’s hard to resist grabbing a snack.

Even those $1 meals add up

You might not realize how much you’re eating throughout a day. Yesterday, I was busy working on assignments. I thought I was working really well, so at one point I decided to treat myself. Five or six treats later, I realized my problem. I had really lost track of how much money I was spending.

Beware of fast food chains

On my way to school, there are about three dozen restaurants. Half of those restaurants are fast food restaurants. Of these restaurants, most take less than 5 minutes to drive through. You can ruin your diet before you even get to work.

And with many of these restaurants slashing their prices, you will have one less excuse to say no. Just remember that the main reason why many of these meals are so cheap is that they use cheap, fatty ingredients that contribute little to your health. So, though you won’t pay with your wallet, you will pay with your gut.

Pass on the latte

Most Americans spend more money on their coffee than they do on their gas. This is really easy to see. You might grab a cup of coffee in the morning in order to wake up. A second coffee might be in order when you can’t concentrate at work or school.

This is especially bad if you have unlimited access to a coffee pot. If your friend offers that you head to the café, you might have a hard time turning her down on the offer. Sure, several cafes offer low-fat alternatives to their drinks. But these drinks still have calories, especially for the 10 cup-a-day drinker.

The night life

For a lot of people, the idea of unwinding and having fun after a hard day of school/work is to belly up to the bar or hit the clubs.

While you might burn some calories tearing up the dance floor, you will be consuming even more calories through those drinks.

A single beer has 150 calories. Wine can have 100 to 300 calories or more. Even fluffy drinks like the cosmopolitan and the martini have 100 to 150 calories and up.

Vending machines

These vending machines are secret diet killers. Their availability and ease of access makes it easy to forget that you’re on a diet. Vending machines are really tempting if you realize that you have enough pocket change to have a candy bar.

Bur rarely does anything even remotely healthy come out of a vending machine. If you have to, get a bottle of water and use that to fight your hunger.