Best Diet Guide – The Food Pyramid And You

Surprisingly, the most effective guide for dieting might be the pyramid.

Staring at the triangle, we notice that the foundation of good diet is a large number of breads, pastas, cereals and grains.

Built on top of this are the fruits and vegetables, fantastic sources of the vitamins and minerals you need.

Above that are the meat and dairy products lurking at the top but happy to be included with their calcium and protein benefits. At the very top are the tasty but nutritionally useless trans fats, sugars and salts.


Grains essentially give you the food that you need in order to power yourself throughout the day. Carbohydrates are a slow burning and very sustainable source of energy.

Combined with fruits, which can aid the body in continuing its nightly detoxification process, your body will be ready for a fat-burning morning jog, followed by your daily work load.

If you want to get started early with your daily vegetable needs, consider drinking a glass of vegetable juice.


Now that you’ve had your foundation set, you might want to hit the gym. Weight training can really burn fat, but your body will then be hungry for protein. This is your cue to add some protein to your meal.

Don’t add too much, since even active bodies do not need that much meat. Remember to keep the bulk of your diet as veggies. Also, if you decide to skip your weight training routine, you won’t need so much chicken or fish. Try to eat as little as possible.


Your day is almost done! You can ease off on the carbs now. Bedtime is coming soon and you won’t need much more energy. Ease off on food altogether.

Your bigger meals should have been at breakfast and lunch time. Get some veggies and meat in order to replace the nutrients that you might have lost.


Should you eat dairy foods? Many foods today fortified with calcium and vegetables often have natural calcium. Currently, nutritionists are debating whether or not dairy foods are good for you at all.

Proponents claim that dairy products fight osteoporosis, strengthen bones and teeth and are a source of various vitamins and minerals. Others have found that yogurt is good for the immune system and the digestive system.

Research has found that cheese helps individuals fall asleep. Critics claim that dairy products are not meant for adults and can lead to obesity and heart disease.

Other researchers have found that there are links between dairy consumption and respiratory disorders, cancer and increased risk of osteoporosis. Dairy products can actually cause a loss in bone calcium.

Most importantly, pay attention to how you feel. Some research has shown that we are actually all genetically different and respond to foods in different ways.

Maybe this is why there are so many different types of diets. Some diets work better for some bodies while other diets work better for others. At best, you should experiment and listen to yourself.