All You Need To Know About The HCG Diet Dangers

hcg diet dangersHCG diet has been creating waves in the latest weight loss programs and since it’s been making a lot of people happy and gain back their confidence, they are least concerned if there are certain HCG diet dangers.

Like any diet program, the HCG diet also has HCG diet dangers and side effects but, to identify them, it is a must to consider the factors that contribute to the untoward effects of the HCG diet.

Factors that contribute to the HCG diet dangers

HCG dose – There are 2 preparations of the HCG diet in the market, the oral HCG and the injectable HCG. Obviously the latter poses more HCG diet dangers because of several downsides to it like allergic and autoimmune reactions since it directly goes to the blood.

Injectable HCG is also quickly and highly absorbed by the body and since this is a hormone it has the capacity to stimulate cognitive effects like depression and mood swings for the user.

This is not to say however, that the oral HCG will not have the same HCG diet dangers, but that it takes a slower absorption time because it still has to pass the digestive process and be affected by the digestive enzymes, which may alter its potency and properties.

Pre-existing health conditions of HCG user – This is a major factor to be considered because certain health conditions like diabetes and heart ailments may pose serious HCG diet dangers for the user. Diabetes requires control of sugar in the diet and a low calorie HCG diet may cause hypoglycemia that can be fatal if not managed properly.

People with heart ailments may not withstand a low calorie diet that may decrease the energy and iron source, which is very important in effective blood oxygen circulation. This situation will also pose serious HCG diet dangers that can be life threatening to the user with a heart condition.

People with problems with high blood pressure and blood clotting may also experience serious HCG diet dangers because HCG is meant to stimulate blood clotting making blood thicker which can further cause an increase in the blood pressure. And for people who have existing varicosities, HCG diet would increase the incidence and formation of more blood clots in the bloodstream, which is a serious health condition.

Age of HCG user – Age of the user is also to be considered because young people and teens that are growing need all the calories and energy source to promote growth and development and if this is tremendously decreased, this will pose HCG diet dangers and stunt their growth and development.

HCG drops source – Although HCG diet drops have not gained FDA approval as a way to lose weight, still a good way to prevent HCG diet dangers is to get one from a reputable source and manufacturer. And be sure to get the proper supervision before you start with the HCG diet program.

Other side effects – Other HCG diet dangers may include frequent migraine headaches, restlessness, depression, breast tenderness, leg cramps, constipation, water retention (that may be serious for people with kidney problems), swelling and ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS).


HCG diet being a very controversial method of losing weight still makes its way to the users who are desperate to get rid of the excess pounds and hope to live a better and healthier life. Although not readily recommended by health professionals, there are those who endorse the products. So, if you are willing to take the risk and believe that you do not have any of the factors mentioned that will pose the HCG diet dangers then HCG diet may work for you.