A Manageable Diet: Compromise

dietingDieting is extremely difficult and down right impossible for some people.

If you take it day by day it is much easier than thinking to yourself “I can never eat French silk pie again”.

Instead think about portion control and cutting down on things, not depriving yourself of foods you love. [Dieting Tips]

For example instead of foregoing the bagel entirely why don’t you split it with a co-worker or your husband and that way you are only having half of it?

Or, instead of regular bacon or sausage why not opt for turkey bacon or turkey sausage it is a much healthier option.

If someone tells me I could no longer have my coffee house special drink I would laugh at them. But that’s because I have learned its ok to indulge once in awhile on that mocha latte or cinnamon dolce just opt for skim or soy milk and pass on the whipped cream.

Also, avoid buffet type meals and never get seconds. Don’t fill your plate completely full and in fact use small plates it will make the portions look much larger than they are.

And lastly, eat small portions often throughout the day this is the best way to keep your metabolism going and feel full.