You Can Not Have Weight Loss At The Press Of A Button

diet pillIf only we could press a button, key in our ideal weight, desired measurements and hey presto we are instantly transformed.

That is basically what all fad diets are offering and why they simply never work, except perhaps for a very short space of time.

The long list of every type of crazy diet, claiming to work wonders, could fill a very large book. Just like bad fashion trends, they resurface every couple of years to tempt a new, more naive and desperate group of people.

They range from low carbohydrates to high, cabbage soup to a more general Hollywood branding. Wild claims are made and various individuals, both famous and more down to earth, are dragged out to lend their support.

Anything to convince the average overweight person to part with their hard earned cash and look forward to a new slimmer look.

Even the diet pill, long proved to be totally ineffective and actually condemned as being potentially addictive is still out there. The internet is responsible for many new products because on-line marketing is more or less free and gullible people often start their desperate search right there.

A dedicated follower of fad diets will have a greatly fluctuating weight level; in fact many will have a series of different sizes in their wardrobe as a result.

Often the mental highs and lows of dieting can create its own particular problems [dieting tips]. Low self esteem, the feeling of being a failure can all take their toll on someone, often ending with comfort eating and the cycle just spirals out of control.

The only successful way to lose weight, and keep it off, is to switch to a well balanced healthy diet and take plenty of regular exercise. No amount of special shakes or expensive meal replacement products will ever work out long term.

Yes you can count calories or attend a regular weight watchers class for support, but the bottom line is that you must burn more calories than you consume.

A radical way is required to rethink what you eat and how much exercise you do. Those changes should be done slowly and carefully so your body can adjust. Gradually you will notice your weight dropping and your fitness level rising.

Don’t forget to allow yourself an occasional treat as it is tough and giving up everything that you once loved can lead to cravings and extra temptation.