What Is The Duke Diet?

Among the many diets out there, one that many have found to be effective for weight loss and healthy as well is the Duke Diet.

It is based on the four pronged approach of personalized diet, fitness routine, behavioral strategies as well as medical expertise. This is principally a residential diet program that requires a person to check into the Duke Diet and fitness Center, but now the Duke Diet is also available online.

By signing up for this diet one receives guidance from experts in all the different fields. A customized meal plan will be made up, daily encouragement will offer motivational support and exercises that can be done at home will be recommended.

Strategies will keep pace with recent developments in the health and fitness as well as nutritional fields.

When one signs up, one has access to a number of unique resources from the website such as the interactive Weight Tracker, an online community, 16 online weight-loss tools, online support, 400 recipes, expert weight-loss information. One can choose from the low carb and traditional Duke diet plan.

It is claimed that this diet plan is different because it helps you lose weight and keep it off. You are offered recipes for balancing meals so that you can plan your intake better by choosing from the 6 food groups.

It is knowledge of food and how it works that can help you keep the weight off.