What Is Popcorn Diet? Does It Really Work!

Popcorn DietHave you ever heard about popcorn diet? This diet is something new to hear, but this helps greatly in your weight loss.

This is one of the latest fad diets and filled with plenty of things.

Popcorn diet is high in fiber, low in fat and is readily available at many food stores.

Popcorn diet suggests you to eat healthy meals and use popcorn as your snack.

This diet recommends you to eat low-fat protein foods and plenty of vegetables while snacking on popcorn.

The main concept behind the popcorn diet is that it is unbuttered, unsalted and is very low in calories. Popcorn acts as a wonderful substitute for junk foods. The hot-air popped corn with out any additives is a mere 23 calories per cup.

As in the name popcorn diet suggests you to eat only popcorn, but the main thing is that you need to eat basic healthy nutrition while snacking on popcorn. Some of the good things about popcorn include:

  • Popcorn diet is high in dietary fiber.
  • The hot-air popcorn is particularly low in calories and fats.
  • You can find popcorn in several varieties, including gourmet.
  • Popcorn is also inexpensive and is easy to find, making convenience is one of the advantages of the popcorn diet.

Popcorn diet has also some negative points. They include:

  • You may feel bore eating the same food all day. So, you will easily deviate from the weight loss plan if there is no variety to keep the flavor buds.
  • Popcorn is tasteless without the addition of salt or butter. So, you want to try to add flavor to the popcorn and will end up turning it into a snack that is high in fat, sodium, and calories.
  • Another disadvantage of popcorn diet is that it causes allergies. Most of you are allergic to corn and can develop breathing problems or hives. The popcorn diet can also cause gastrointestinal problems or clog the digestive tract in some people.
  • In severe cases people who are sensitive to corn can develop life-threatening anaphylaxis.
  • Too much corn consumption can block the absorption of vitamin B. If you have vitamin B deficiency then you will begin to develop skin rashes, memory loss, depression, low energy levels, and anemia.
  • Popcorn consumption is one of the top most five hazards of children under the age of five.
  • Popcorn when popped in oil will carry more fat and more calories than oily chips.
  • When you add salt to popcorn then the sodium content can become extreme.

The idea of losing weight with popcorn diet is appealing to most of you. Since this diet is that much simple it probably would not be hard to convince people who want to drop some unwanted pounds to give it a try.

The popcorn diet is not a long-term solution. Just like most fad diets, it also shows best results in the beginning, but once you will become bored by the monotonous taste of it, then you will gain the weight back.

Since popcorn diet has many failures it doesn’t imply that you should stop eating popcorn. Instead, include the popcorn as an addition to your healthy diet plan and let it be a great healthy snack. Popcorn diet is mainly designed to fill the stomach without making the dieter gain weight.