Top 7 Reasons To Avoid High Protein Low Carb Diet!

High Protein Low Carb Diet PlanAre you following a diet plan which is high in proteins and low in carbs?

Though the high protein low carb diet greatly helps you in weight loss, it has several disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of High Protein Low Carb Diet:

There are many reasons behind avoiding high protein low carb diet plans.

Reduction of healthy glycogen:

The first reason is, restricting the carbohydrate intake can lead to the reduction of healthy glycogen.

Glycogen is the glucose that is accumulated in your liver and muscles. When the amount of glycogen is decreased you body will go into the state of dehydration.

Excess glycogen:

The second reason to avoid high protein low carb diet is, the excess amount of glycogen can lead to have less energy. The breaking of glycogen can produce glucose which supplies essential energy to your body.

Without the energy, you feel exhausted and lazy and you won’t have any energy to do exercise.

Degeneration of muscles:

The reduction of glycogen can also lead to degeneration of muscles. Lacking of energy can make the contraction of the muscle fibers and then it will be very difficult for you to maintain better muscle quality.

Lacking of carbohydrates to produce the necessary fuel will allow your body to use fats and proteins which are stored in your body’s muscles.

Shapeless appearance:

Another reason to avoid high protein low carb diet is because it may cause you to appear shapeless because it will be very difficult for your body to maintain the muscle tone when they begin to wilt which again causes wilting of your skin.

The muscle loss may also slow down the process of metabolism. This means in order to burn the same amount of calories you need to work a lot.

Gaining the lost weight:

The next reason to avoid high protein low carb diet is that most of you will get back the weight that you lost while you are in the diet plan and finally you will return to your normal weight. It is very difficult for you to follow the diet plan for long-term weight loss because it makes you tired.

If you start your normal eating habits you will instantly get back your normal weight that you have lost before. Since this diet has slowed down the metabolism, your body will burn only fewer calories than it burnt previously.

Long-term effects on health:

The other reason to avoid high protein low carb diets is due to their long-term effects on your health. You need to eat greater quantities of meat and saturated fats.

This causes the health problems like bone weakness, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, formation of stones in kidney, osteoporosis, and sudden strokes. The high protein low carb diet also causes swelling of the joints which will be very painful.

You can get less amounts of fiber from eating animal products. Not getting enough amounts of fiber can causes serious health problems such as bowel disorders, constipation, digestive disorders, and heart problems.

Bad breathing:

The other reason to avoid high protein low carb diet is because it causes bad breath. Your body being in the state of ketosis can increase the production of acetones which causes bad smelling breath.

You should keep all these points in mind and go for a diet plan which is rich in carbohydrates.